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The Best Affordable Zanzibar Safaris 2024/25

Zanzibar is a beautiful country that is Just close to Tanzania. Zanzibar offers the best Zanzibar Safaris since it is  an island full of exotic adventures, beaches & a fascinating history. Therefore Car Rental and Safaris Africa welcomes to a land of beautiful seas and lakes known for its best incredible  vacations Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a great choice if you want to explore an exotic African island with a twist. Scenery and sea adventure-One of the most popular activities in Zanzibar is a sea safari, which provides an excellent opportunity to see a variety of marine, browse for the cheap Zanzibar packages. Book with us now

Car Rental & Safaris Africa welcomes you to the beautiful Country Zanzibar. The land of beautiful seas and clear waters that support the sea activities for Zanzibar Safaris. Zanzibar is the home of idyllic beaches, balmy weather & warm tropical waters. This archipelago is renowned for clear warm waters, coral reefs and rich marine diversity making it a perfect under-water destination for snorkeling and diving. We offer a variety of Zanzibar safaris and vacations, including opulent villa accommodations suitable for a Zanzibari sultan and family-friendly getaways at larger beach resorts . We also provide romantic getaways and honeymoon suites in secluded boutique hotels. In Tanzania – Zanzibar Safaris, a safari tour package is often planned by a tour operator, safari tour business, or through a self-drive Africa safari trip, taking into account the number of days travelers want to set aside for beach time and safari activities. Adventures at Zanzibar are always Unforgettable. Plan a tour with Us

Catch-all Zanzibar Safaris

11 Days Zazibar Beach and Tanzania Safari Pakages

11 days Zanzibar Beach and Tanzania Safari Packages

This itinerary covers the Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, and Zanzibar. its is prepared for travelers who would like to visit Tanzania safari tour Destinations like the Serengeti National park and the Ngorongoro crater (national park). And it Ends with a Zanzibar Safari which includes the amazing sea viewing and others. This itinerary Packages cover 11days and !0 nights of Zanzibar Beach and Tanzania safari Packages. Make your reservations Now

11 days to Masai Mara,Serengeti and Zanzibar

11 days Safari to Masai Mara, Serengeti and Zanzibar

For this Itinerary of Zanzibar Safaris, offers a great deal of good packages and these include safari Packages of visiting different places near Tanzania and Zanzibar the places include the Serengeti in Tanzania, Masai Mara in Kenya then it proceeds with Zanzibar safari Destinations since for it is a country known for vacations. Surely a trip around the three countries for 11 days will surly be amaizing and interesting because there is enough to explorer all the packages in this itinerary. Make your bookings now with us

11 Night Honeymoon to Zanzibar and Kenya

11 night Honeymoon  to Zanzibar and Kenya

For the 11 nights honeymoon is designed for tourist who would like to visit Zanzibar and Kenya, so mainly  its under Zanzibar Safaris but it adds on a Kenya trip to Masai Mara so literary it starts from Kenya at Masai Mara and  ends to Zanzibar. Along the way, you’ll see some of the most famous species on the continent while seeing the stunning landscapes of Laikipia and Masai Mara. Make your 11 days unforgettable. Book with us now a safari like no other

12 Days Rwanda Serengeti Zanzibar Safaris

12 Days Rwanda Serengeti Zanzibar Safari

These 12  days Rwanda Serengeti Zanzibar Safari is a beautiful luxury package that will take you through the Rwanda Gorilla Trekking, move to Serengeti National park then it goes right away to Zanzibar. Serengeti National Park has all the animal species like the big five, Zebras and many more, then Rwanda has one of the most beautiful Gorilla trekking, for Zanzibar it has the beauty waters for the seas  and ocean you  shouldn’t miss . Make your bookings now

10 days Zanzibar Honeymoon and Seregenti Safari Packages

10 days Zanzibar Honeymoon and Serengeti Safari Packages

This itinerary combines both Seregenti Safari and Zanzibar Honeymoon package. its indeed a good feeling to experience the beauty and discover Serengeti National park then after a honeymoon to Zanzibar. Serengeti national park is known for having  huge herds of plains animals (especially gnu [wildebeests], gazelles, and zebras), and it is the only place in Africa where vast landanimal migrations still take place. So after a great experience of Serengeti it ends with a honeymoon in Zanzibar beaches. Book  with us now

last minute Tanzania safari from Zanzibar

Last Minute Tanzania Safaris From Zanzibar.

Well you shouldn’t miss out these last minutes of Tanzania Safaris from Zanzibar. Well this organized by Car Rental and Safaris. it happens after a beautiful experience of the Zanzibar experience so you can decide to add this on as your concluding the Zanzibar tour packages. It is surely a good experience to tour around Tanzania, so  make your adventure memorable as you choose to add it on your safari. Book with us now

Zanzibar Beach Packages and Honeymoon Holidays

Zanzibar Beach Packages and Honey Moon Holidays

A Honeymoon Beach holiday package is one of the most amazing packages for the Zanzibar Safaris. The sea waters of the beaches in Zanzibar gives a fresh a relaxing mind with your partner. During this trip surely you discover more about the Beautiful seas (like the Sea cliff resort) and to see more different mammal species that live under the water. Zanzibar is one of the countries that offer a beautiful beach vacation so Book now with us for a beautiful beach and honeymoon holiday

2 Weeks Zanzibar beach Experience

The 2 weeks Zanzibar beach Experience

These two week of Zanzibar beach experience are sure a total refreshment of enjoying and experiencing the beautiful Zanzibar beaches and more others. Well the Zanzibar Safaris offers this incredible package is mostly with in Zanzibar so will not only visit different places  with in Zanzibar and well immersed in the local culture. This 2 Weeks in Zanzibar Itinerary takes to Stone Town Kendwa,, Paje, Pemba, and Zanzibar Town. Book with us now 

9 days Seregenti and Zanzibar Honeymoon holiday package

9 Days Serengeti and Zanzibar Honeymoon holiday package

This 9 days Serengeti and Zanzibar honeymoon itinerary is a luxury experience of enjoying the beautiful spots of the Serengeti National Park, and enjoying your honeymoon on Zanzibar beaches. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is known for its massive annual migration of wildebeest and Zebra. Zanzibar beaches on the Indian ocean are extremely interesting. So choose these 9 days to be a beautiful memory. Book this package with us

Why Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar Leopard Conservation

The Zanzibar leopard population is thought to have evolved in isolation from mainland African leopards since at least the end of the Last Ice Age, when the island was separated from mainland Tanzania by rising sea levels. The usual description among the rural Zanzibar about leopards and their behaviors. Witches spark and send leopards to bother villages. So witches in Zanzibar use leopards to do there dark malevolent intentions and which part of there belief. This belief includes elaborate ideas about how witches breed and train leopards to do their evil bidding. With these ideas, local farmers explain predation by leopards, and more generally also their appearance “out of place” in the vicinity of farms and villages. Car rental and Safaris is here to take you trough the journey of discovery. So you shouldn’t miss out to discover the history of leopards in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Leopard Conservation

 A  Selous Safari Tour From Zanzibar

Selous National Park is also know as Nyerere National Park. this reserve is located in the southern part of Tanzania along the southern Tanzania safari circuit and offers the best escape from the large tourist crowds. There are a number of wildlife  mammals found within this national reserve among which are: approximately 145,000 buffalos, 4,000 Lions, 100,000 wildebeests. This game reserves is home to over 445 different birds species and these have been recorded to live in the various habitats within the reserve for instance along the lake areas are the giant kingfishers. After having a safari in the Selous, you will have to relax at Zanzibar Villa. Fly south from Dar Es Salaam to the Selous Game Reserve, where your safari adventure will begin

Things to do in Zanzibar

There 15 must do activities in Zanzibar, and these are surely amazing and interesting so these can include beach bum, culture vulture, blue safari trip in Zanzibar, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins and many more. These Zanzibar activities will make your Zanzibar Safaris unforgettable and its a land of beautiful creatures. All these activities happen all because of the  rich culture and history, beautiful architecture, unusual wildlife, great forest walks, incredible cuisine, and more. Considering tourist more important giving a significant portion of the yearly income, the area is more secure for those who have gone to visit on there own. Enjoy the Zanzibar activities and make your Zanzibar tour an forgettable.

Stone Town on Zanzibar Island

Stone town of Zanzibar also known as Mji Mkongwe (Swahili for ‘old town’), is the old part of Zanzibar City, the main city of Zanzibar, in Tanzania. It was formed in about 1000 years and still it remains an interesting center up to now, it will always stay vibrant. Its beauty architecture includes a combination of different features and influences. Stone Town of Zanzibar retains its urban fabric and townscape virtually intact and contains many fine buildings that reflect its particular culture, which has brought together and homogenized disparate  Components of cultures lasting more than a 1000 years from Africa, the India, Arab world, and Europe. The stone town activities include visiting the old port of Zanzibar, learn about the sultans at the palace Museum,  experience a sun set dhow cruise.

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