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Best South Africa Safari Tours, Luxury Lodges & Camps

Best South Africa Safari tours, luxury lodges and camps. South Africa is a beautiful country with amazing features that offers a luxurious tour  safari with beautiful and comfortable bed spaces like lodges and camp sites. South Africa is one of the best southern African Countries that hosts unbelievable safari experiences, like For example viewing landscapes, visiting cape town, enjoying the world life species in Kruger National Park and many others.  At this point, Our Car Rental and Safaris Africa expert guide will take you through your South African Safari Tour.

Car Rental & Safaris Africa welcomes you to the Mighty south Africa, a country of most vibrant safari destinations that you can not miss to visit. South Africa is a such a wonderful country that offers  a wide range of activities  during your safari these for example can be game drives, Tracking the big fives (Lion, Elephant. Leopard. Rhino, and Buffalo), Sabi sands and Hermanus and others therefore a South Africa Safari Tour is un comparable. During your Safari in South Africa, you will explorer a lot of  different unique features in different safari destinations using our luxury 4×4 South Africa Car Rental.

As you enter South Africa for a Safari expect to visit places like Cape town a land of beautiful landscapes, Kruger national park well known for hosting an amazing wildlife experience as you will be visiting numerous wild animals and there natural habitats also going into  Sabi sands  and many others. In addition, to make your Safari tour more simple, you will of course  have an expert guide to take you through, and you will still have all your authority tell the guide what you want, well it doesn’t matter the number of people to have a guide because we also mind about your safety.  Lets plan your South African Safari tour today

Catch-all South Africa Safari tours

Kruger, wineland, and Cape town

Kruger, Winlands and Cape town (South Africa Safari tour

9 days safari to South Africa

During your 9 days of t his itinerary, your safari will be with in Kruger, win lands and cape town. Kruger national park is a known park that has one of the wildlife viewing mostly the big fives and it is one of the national parks that the travelers considers the most because it consists of some cheap lodges and campsites that even support  night game driving. Cape town  is that biggest city that was naturally set in south Africa and it has attracted more of the travelers to keep visiting south Africa. Plan your 9 days with an expert..

South African Culture and cuisine

South African Culture and Gastronomy(South Africa Safari Tours)

The south African Culture and gastronomy  itinerary is an incredible itinerary that will involve visiting the southern African cultures and different tribe. You will discover more different cultures and socializing with the local people in those areas, this cultural experience will consist of learning more about these peoples ways of being. Different cultures will include the  Zulu, Xhosa, Redi, Twana, Ndebele and many others. its such a great experience by the way to associate with them. The experience will always stick as a lifetime memory of your adventure on South Africa Safari tour. Plan with an expert 

cape town, victoria falls and Kruger

10 days of Cape town, Victoria falls and Kruger South Africa Safari Tours

For this itinerary, will be a 10 days of Cape town , Victoria falls and Kruger,  it is a tailor made and a detailed itinerary for travelers who will want to  10 days safari in South Africa. On this Safari  a traveler or tourist will explorer cape town,  Victoria falls, Kruger, Johannesburg  and an addition of a place at Hoedspruit as you will be exploring the the beauty of these safari spots. The flow of water at Victoria Falls will give you a piece of mind, Kruger National Park hosts unique wildlife activities that you will surely enjoy, cape town a city that consists of natural  features. Lets plan your 10 days today

The best of southern Africa

The Best of Southern Africa Safaris

Well for this itinerary you will immerse your self in the very known Southern Africa Countries that are mostly visited by many travelers and this can actually work for the first timers who come into southern Africa countries, on this itinerary you will discover most of the amazing places on Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. For this countries they have the most interesting safari destinations that you always want to visit. More interesting, there will be more activities to keep an active Safari and you will surely enjoy . Make your effective plans with with a your Safari guide

Safari to the beautiful Africa

 Safari To the Beautiful Africa 

Visiting Africa is one of the beautiful experience that really leave you with life time memories because of the beautiful and unique features that each country has . Each African country has its own things that makes them famous, were by every traveler has that one particular reason that makes him to go back to African countries. On this itinerary, you  will visit countries like Tanzania, Kenya Zambia, South Africa Zimbabwe, Botswana and others as you will be visiting places like Ngorongoro crater lake, Victoria falls, Johannesburg, Okavango delta, Chobe, cape town and many others. Therefore, plan the best safari with an expert guide

Big Five of Land and Sea

The Big Five of Land and Sea ( South Africa Safari Tours)

This South Africa Itinerary consists of viewing the big five of the land and the sea so this extremely good. Well knowing the big five of the  sea ii will be a great rare experience since there not easily seen like the Big five land wild life species. Well these big five sea species include the sea sharks, whales, seals, penguins and dolphin, enjoying the way they move in the sea water. On the hand we have the big five land wild species which include elephants, rhinos, cape buffalos, leopard, and African Lions. Make your plans with our guide today.

Sabi sand and Cape town

 Sabi Sand and Cape town

Sabi Game Reserve and Cape town are one South African Destinations that have got interesting features and there mostly visited by a number of travelers and tourists. Sabi Reserve has got that natural green Savannah that clears off your sight as you be viewing and watching the big five animals on a game drive. In addition cape town is an interesting town in the southern part of South Africa that has beautiful landscapes with rotating roads that that can make the journey interesting. Make your plans with un expert guide.

Lets Plan Together

Lets Build Together a South African Safari Tour from Scratch

Make suggestions for your with us

We design itineraries for our beloved clients and we always make sure we satisfy our customers with there expectations and mind about there safeness, conduciveness and inspire our clients. So this time round if you have your own idea, kindly lets us about your interests and preferences for us to prepare you a safari just for you. Suggest with Car Rental and Safaris Africa’s experts for advises

Family South Africa Safari

Family safari holiday to South Africa

(10 days of Cape town to Kruger)

These 10 days of Cape town to Kruger will start from the mother city of South Africa Cape town as you will be visiting the areas around and discovering the inner beautiful safari destinations of cape town, surely this will be interesting because the city is naturally build and advanced. Further more,  the safari will end at Kruger National park as you will be experiencing the Kruger wildlife species viewing animals mingling with each other on a game drive. Plan a 10 days safari today for your family

Why You should visit South Africa

Combined Beach and Bush Safari

South Africa covers 2,550 Kilometers (1,550 miles) of coastline, and its one of the most beautiful and varied in the world. Well the country is known for its beautiful and stunning beaches, native forests and communities that are an comparable Safaris  in most of the southern countries. Its liked by very many travelers since it has got various beautiful travel destinations, the warmer Indian and colder Atlantic oceans. South Africa has got the most excellent buildings and frequent inner flights provided by South Africa that makes it simpler to duet a safari with a beach break.

  • Cape town – is a cuisine city having some of the most world’s stunning beaches.
  • Cape Nature Reserve, it has the most breath taking natural sceneries and also the world’s six floral kingdoms that are found in the smallest but rich area.
  • The Boulder’s beach, it has the most beautiful and protected penguins.

 Experiencing the Big Five Animals on a South African Safari 

Many safari lovers get excited when it comes to watching the Big fives and these include elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and Buffaloes as they get to know there natural habitats. South Africa is one of the few places that hosts watching of all five animals in a single day since it is also considered as a top destination for the Big five safaris of the comfortable top notch national parks and conservation areas.

-Kruger National Park, one of the femous park in South Africa that is good for hosting wildlife safaris. it consists of sabi sands, Thornybush, Londolozi, mala mala, dulini and lion sands.
– Game reserve Phinda
– Game Reserves Madikwe
– National parks of Pilanesberg and Addo Elephant.


 A Perfect Safaris for  Multigenerational  Families

South Africa is the best option for groups, families elders and individual safaris mostly on a first time safari because there is so much to see and more activities to do. Travelers can enjoy many various national parks and reserves in Kruger area, were you can find many lodges that provides friendly activities, play grounds and others. Adults will be enjoying the game drives and more interesting is that South Africa contains smaller reserves and parks in places that has no malaria.

  • Madikwe Game reserve , at this park a traveler will discover the big five and critically engage African wild dogs.
  • Pilanersberg National park it involves sof sun city were a group of travalers can get a glimpse of big five animals.
  • Addo Elephant National park. it involves the big 5 plus the two that consists of lion, elephants, rhino, buffalo, leopard plus great white sharks and southern right whale.

Its  Easy to get Around.

South Africa is a developed country that has got a first-rate infrastructure system for tourists. All commercial aircrafts connect all the main towns though charter planes can take you to private airstrips at safari lodges and Kruger national park or Tambo International Airport that links passengers to the other side of Africa. Therefore South Africa is the best place to rent a car because of its well- developed road system and comfortable vehicles. The country consists of well-maintained roads that support all kinds of transport and travels for South Africa Safari Tour.

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