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Best Uganda Safaris Tour Packages you can’t afford to miss 2024-2025

Uganda has a range of safari experience that it offers, and all of them are tailor made by Car Rental Safaris Book Your Best Uganda safari packages tailor-made at a 10% Discount and Explore The Pearl of Africa. Frankly speaking Ugandan roads are not in good shape, therefore going for a safari in Uganda is not for the weak hearts when it rains a lot some places get over flooded with mad and moving from place to place might be difficult can be long and exhausting. The famous gorilla trekking in Uganda is on everyone’s bucket list, but it’s a physically demanding experience in difficult conditions. Meeting mountain gorillas face to face is surely a great experience that is unforgettable therefore you shouldn’t miss to meet them because there friendly. Our Uganda Safari Holidays include both budget and luxury options, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, one of our African Safari Experts will gladly tailor-make your safari in Uganda and make sure you meet the specific needs you want and budget Book your session now with us

Car Rental & Safaris Africa welcomes you to the beautiful Uganda Pearl of Africa. Uganda is famous as the Pearl of Africa and hospitable to visitors. Uganda has more than 50 tribes and really interesting mostly when you socialize more with the local people, also Uganda is a home to the big five which include the lion, leopard, buffaloes, lion and Elephants and of all it boosts with the unique tree climbing lions. Uganda has an attractive game viewing/driving which  is the most popular tourist activity in Uganda.

Uganda has about 10 famous national parks which keeps most of the wild animals namely lions, buffaloes giraffes elephants antelope and many more. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in two national parks. The are 18 gorilla families that have been habituated and already set for tourism purposes, 17 of which are tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and only 1 is found in Mgahinga National Park. Book with us now 

8 days Uganda wild life trip and gorilla trekking

10 Days Safari in East Africa Uganda and Tanzania, Featuring Gorillas Serengeti (10 Days) . 

This Safari is  a combo Safari of Uganda and Tanzania. During this East African Safari it will combine Uganda Safaris and Tanzania Safaris which are some of the known  remarkable countries that make up East Africa. In addition, during this Tanzania Safari or Uganda Safari, you will experience Gorillas in Uganda and that is gorilla trekking. Furthermore, in Tanzania you will explorer the famous Serengeti National park as you will view different wildlife species. Make your bookings with your expert.

9 Days wild life and water wrafting safari

9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari &  Water Rafting tour

For the water Rafting its perfectly well done at the Famous Nile River that is located in Jinja, its surely very interesting and a good experience of how the waters of River Nile flow, the water flow make water Rafting enjoyable and interesting, you need this to refresh your minds. Come and make your 9 days of wildlife safari and water rafting tour Unforgettable. Contact us now

6 days Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

6 days Safari Bwindi Impenetrable national Park Gorilla Trekking

Located in south-western Uganda, at the junction of the plain and mountain forests, Bwindi impenetrable national Park  is known for its exceptional biodiversity, with more than 160 species of trees and over 100 species of fern. Bwindi Impenetrable is one of the National Parks in Uganda that is well known for the best Gorilla Trekking It is most notable for the 400 Bwindi gorillas,  Contact us now 

2 days Murchison falls safari

2 days Murchison Falls Safari Uganda 

Car  Rental Safari Africa welcomes you to embark on a journey to Murchison Falls. The Murchison falls in Uganda Comprises of several districts and some include Bulisa, Nwoya ,Masindi , Kiryadongo District. its Famously known for having the most powerful water and likely in the whole world. The 2 days Murchison Fall Uganda safaris is a short safari but surely it will be a massive and interesting one were  by you will  be to travel places around it like the top of Murchison fall view, Bundogo forest, the birds and many more. choose to Discover the great Murchison falls with us now. Contact us now

3 days Bwindi Impenetrable From Kigali

3 days Bwindi Impenetrable National Park from Kigali

This three days tour starts and ends from Rwanda Kigali. Bwindi Impenetrable is located in  south-western   Uganda in the Kanungu District. the Kigali to Bwindi Gorrilla trekking is an exclusive itinerary  and surely enjoyable tour, tourist get to bond with Gorillas right from Rwanda-Kigali since both Uganda and Rwanda are well known for gorilla Trekking. Another interesting thing on this itinerary is that tourist can save more of there money. Book Now your session

3 days Gorilla Trekking

3 days Uganda Gorrila Trekking

A 3 days Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safaris its with in Uganda, therefore it starts and ends in Uganda. In  Uganda there are two National Parks that are well known for the best Gorilla Trekking these include; Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park. These parks have variety of gorillas to visit and bond with, the more interesting part its when you walk, play and run with them. So come have fun of your adventure and discover more about theses National Parks. Make your bookings  now

2 days Murchison Falls Game driving

2 days Murchison Falls game driving

Murchison Falls offers a wide and the best place for game driving and its known for having t best ways to see and appreciate the rich diversity of Wildlife in the Park. This park is home to different wildlife species including 451 bird species and over 76 types of mammal including the Buffaloes, Jackson hartebeests, Antelopes, Lions,  Giraffes, Hyenas, Bushbucks, and Warthogs among others. They are thoroughly distributed over the Savannah grassland where they hunt or graze for what to eat. This makes the park’s landscape so amazing for a game drives while on a Uganda safaris. Make your 2 days of the week enjoyable with this incredible itinerary. Contact us now

2 day Birding safari Itinarary

2 Days Birding Safari Itinerary

Uganda has over 1,065 bird species and surely this is a great number to make a Birding Safari more interesting and enjoyable. So these are therefore perfect for the Avid birders, seasoned birders, solo travelers, families and others. Birding is possible during dry season. However, some bird watching in Uganda is between late May and September when there is less rain and abundant animal food in the parksBest bird-watching spots include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Mabamba wetland, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla .l. Book now with us

2days willd Life safari Uganda

3days Wild life Safari

Uganda has a number of wild life Uganda safari destinations that have large habitats for the animal species. The wildlife Uganda safari Destinations include Queen Elizabeth National park which has about 95 species of mammals, Lake Mburo National park, Murchison falls National park, Kibale National park, Bwindi Impenetrable national Park and other, these host a number of animals like the big five which include Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Rhino and Elephant. Other wildlife species include several antelopes like the Elands (biggest antelope) and the dik-dik (smallest antelope), Rock hyrax, Zebras, Giraffes, Warthogs, Oribis, Side striped jackal, Bushbucks, waterbuck, cheetahs, and many more. Book a session with us

Why you should Visit Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Gorilla trekking Uganda Safari is one of common and enjoyable safari activity that is mostly done in Uganda since there are plenty of Gorillas in Uganda.  A Gorilla safari creates a life time memory with that feel of a true African jungle. Mountain Gorillas are known to be in countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and others, though Uganda is mostly the best choice since it is referred to us the Pearl of Africa. The best national parks for Gorilla Trekking is Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National park. For the charges for the nonresidents are at $800. Well Uganda  has the highest gorilla family number with 19 habituated Mountain Gorillas available for trekking. Contact Us now

Gorilla trekking Safaris Uganda

Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Embark on an enchanting wildlife encounter with Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris in Uganda. For the  chimpanza trekking is best done at Kibale Forest National Park  and its considered to be  the primate capital of the world because of the high chimpanzee population in the park. For the the other spot for Chimp trekking we have on a Uganda Safari include the Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Budongo forest just adjacent to Murchison Falls National Park, and Kalinzu forest.

The more interesting moment its when you connect and bond with the chimpanze in these parks, you can actually take pictures with the chimpanza. Book  now for this incredible Safari

Cultural Tours in Uganda

Uganda has different diverse enthinic tribes and these are found in mostly all places of Uganda so therefore a cultural tour in Uganda can be done any were in Uganda. The more interesting things about Uganda’s  culture include the music, the dances the cultural instruments, the music dance and drama. therefore to have a Cultural tour in Uganda helps to have an insight discovery on Uganda’s Culture. The Easter Lacustrine Bantu in Uganda covers a number of tribe that have different cultures, these include Buganda, Basoga, Bagishu and many more. Well there about 3.9 million people and you can find the 17% of the people are the people from the largest tribe Buganda, there plan to come and discover the beautiful Uganda.

. And the smallest tribe is the Batwa pygmies and the IK people in Southwestern and North Eastern Uganda respectively. Have an Adveture on Uganda’s culture

Hiking trips in Uganda

The Hiking trips in Uganda are basically done from Mountain Rwenzori and Mountain Elgon since there considered to be the best Hiking Destinations.  Hiking is one of the best ways to get exercise. Hiking in Uganda is the most interesting activity since it done on the femous Mountain Rwanzori which is the highest mountain in Uganda, and located on about 5,109meters above sea level. So therefore hiking is enjoyable and helps you to have full body exercise that can refresh your body from head to toes. The hike to the peak of the Rwenzori lasts at least 8 days. Hiking Mount Elgon takes about 4-6 days depending on the hikers’ ability.

Hiking Trips Uganda

White water Rafting Uganda

Water rafting is basically done at River Nile in Jinja and is there fore a perfect way to experience the beauty and the flow of water on River Nile. Water Rafting at River Nile is considered one of the best one day white water trips in the world, no safari to Uganda would be complete without truly experiencing the Nile from its source . The rafts explode through huge walls of white water and drift through the warm green pools of the beautiful tropical sunshine. Water Rafting gives you adrenaline hyped mood that lives you not the same. Come and discover the Nile with a Water Rafting.

What people usually ask

1. How do you know the best Uganda Safari Operator

YES, the only way to know the best and what tour company can work for you is to see how they have been performing in there last engagements with there clients. Well you can also make use of the reviews, the comments of people, if you find when there a lot of  complaints please don’t use that tour agency.

2. What to see while on a Ugandan safari

Of Couse there a number of safari destinations in Uganda were you can go and have your safari experience from and these include Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mountain Rwenzori  and many more you will see things like the big five (lions, Buffaloes, Rhino, elephants, and leopards), water falls at Murchison falls, Gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable, hiking at Mt Rwenzori, water rafting at the River Nile and many more, you should think about coming to Uganda for Unique experience.

3. Why you must Choose Uganda as your Safari Destination

Uganda first of all is a hospitable country, they will warmly welcome you and our safari Tours are very safe since tourism is one of the beautiful activity Uganda mostly deal in. Uganda is also termed to us the Pearl of Africa that mean it offers the most interesting Safari tour activities, therefore you shouldn’t miss a to have memorable moments as your having a Ugandan safari. You should prepare to have a Ugandan safari today.

4. Is it Better to see Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?

Yeah of course mostly Uganda because it hosts a cheap gorilla trekking than that of Rwanda. Rwanda’s gorilla trekking permit is charged at US$1500 and for Uganda’s Gorilla trekking permit cost US$700 though during July it will be increased to US$800. Most tourists choose Uganda Gorilla safari Tour Over the one for Rwanda because of the Charges. But they both host a great experience of Gorilla Trekking.

5. How much does it cost for a Ugandan Safari?

In Uganda the cost of a safari it depends on what you be involved in during your safari. But the average cost of each person is US$200 per day. The permit to see golden monkeys costs US$60per person and per hour. Permit for gorilla trekking cost US$700 but July 2024 it will be US$800. Cheap Safari accommodation is at US$100 per night.

How Unique is Uganda’s Safari from other countries?

Uganda has the most hospitable people and it offers the most affordable safari prices, and yet the safari is unique and worth of adventurer. Uganda’s forest are more safe and accessible compared to those in the other regions like west Africa, Uganda has the most incredible reserves, and beautiful water basins and water falls which makes the Pearl of Africa unbeatable .


Kampala is the capital city and largest city of Uganda. The city proper has a population of 1,680,600 (2020)] and is divided into the five political divisions of Kampala central Division Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Rubaga Division. Kampala City is ranked to be one the fast growing cities in Africa with an annual population growth of 4.03% covered by the City Mayor. Mercer it has ranked Kampala to be one of the best though it follows Nairobi and Kigali

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