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Namibia Safari Tours, Best made Luxury Safari Packages

Namibia Safari Tours, Best made Luxury Safari Packages. Car Rental & Safaris Africa presents you the best and luxurious safari packages that are extremely interesting that you shouldn’t miss for your adventure. Namibia host one of the best wildlife Namibia safari destinations with a wide number of cheetahs, also known for mining activities, therefore a Namibia Safari tour  is a must go!

Namibia is a country in South west Africa that boarders the Atlantic ocean in the west, the  country is known for mining activities and its known for having the most high quality diamonds in the world, it also mines gold, uranium and others that has advanced the country’s economy on a wider scale. Going  for a Namibia Safari tour is  an interesting thing because it got a number  of  interesting places like the Sossusvlei that has endless dunes, Etosha National Park that promotes wildlife and many others. Plan with an expert today for your Namibia Safari Tours.

Namibia is an amazing country that offers a good and luxurious safari experiences that ill live you with life time memories. The is found in the southwest Africa and boarders the Atlantic ocean in the west. Therefore we as Car Rental & Safaris Africa  present the incredible Namibia Safari Tours Packages that consist of many different interesting packages that will give a great experience.

Further more, Namibia consists of the large and oldest desert were you can find the largest mammals like Rhinos, lions, and elephants , the largest sossusvlei were you will find the sand dunes and one of the highest dunes in the world, the second largest canyon the home to the fish river canyon, the glittering salt flats of Estosha National Park  and many others. Our experts have traveled Namibia and they will draft you detailed itineraries and they will give you the information you would like to know.  Plan your  safari  today. for your Namibia Safari Tour experience

Namibia Safari Tours Itineraries

Botswana, SouthAfrica and Namibia

13 Days South Africa, Botswana and Namibia (13 Days/12 Nights )

These 13 days of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. This itinerary will live you with great memories of the three amazing countries . You shouldn’t miss out a well tailor made safari for such an amazing Namibia Safari package . Firstly, South Africa has cape town that consists of various beautiful landscapes, secondly, Botswana has got the famous Okavango delta and Chobe ecosystem, finally the beautiful Namibia, you will visit various places like the sossusvlei were you will find the largest sand dunes of the world. Make plans with an expert.

South Africa and Namibia Safari

12 Days of South Africa & Namibia Safari Tour (10 Days/9 Nights)

The 12 days of South Africa and Namibia Safari Tour consists of visiting Cape town, Kruger national Park, socializing with the local people, knowing there culture and many others in South Africa. Further more, you will head to Namibia for your Namibia Safaris were you will visit the  famous  sossusvlei that consist of the largest dunes in this world, the largest landscapes that make the country unique, to mention but a fell. Well Namibia is surely a home of most incredible natural sights. There fore you shouldn’t miss out to a memorable adventure.   Well surely you shouldn’t miss out this Combo. Book your Safari with us now  for your incredible 12 days Namibia Safaris

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia

13 Days of Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia (13 Days/12 Nights)

During this safari Combo, you will surely have a great experience on as you will be visiting the water falls, Harare, having day and night game drives, the next safari will be at Botswana as you will be visiting the Okavango Delta that is mostly visited by many travelers, Chobe national park as you will see the big five while on a game drive, then the trip will end in Namibia as will be visiting Estoha  National Park and sossusvlei seeing the largest dunes and landscapes these largest dunes makes a Namibia Safari so magical. Therefore Plan with us today for your 13 days (  amazing 2 weeks)

Where to go for an Amazing Namibia Safari Tours

Etosha National Park (Namibia Safari Tours)

Etosha  National Park is a national park in north western Namibia and one of the largest national parks in Africa. Etosha national park is known for its unique and beautiful landscapes and a  variety of  wildlife species , it keeps a number of animal species and also have  its natural habitats, for example, lions, elephants rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, cheetahs zebras, hyenas  and many more.

Etosha Park has unique floodlit waterholes the main camps, some of the camps even have photography hides near the waterholes which enhances the places more. Further more, this national park is surrounded with a number of lodges for example mashara lodge, Etosha village lodge and many others that can give you a comfortable accommodation during your stay in Namibia. therefore choose a Namibia Safari Tour with Car Rental & Safaris Africa

Etosha National park

  Sossusvlei (Namibia Safari Tours)

Firstly, the name Sossusvlei refers to the surroundings, it  is located in the southern part of  Namibia desert which is the only salt and clay pan that is surrounded by high red dunes. The dunes at Sossusvlei are referred to as the largest and highest dunes were by many of them even reach 200mtrs, the tallest of all is named big daddy with about 325 meters.

In addition Sossusvlei has many other interesting features that makes the travelers more interested and always want to come to visit Sossusvlei and one of them are the stunning and beautiful landscapes that are found in there. When walking in the sand of the dunes with shoes, your shoes can easily sink so far since every step you make in the  dune has its own struggle, so its advisable to go bare footed to avoid struggling to walk in the sand, and  don’t forget to go with enough water since the sun over hits there. Therefore you shouldn’t miss out Namibia Safaris

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