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Best Madagascar Safari Tours. All Inclusive Luxury Holiday Trips

Best Madagascar Safari tours. All inclusive luxury Holiday trips. Come have a unique experience as you will be visiting the beauty and the mighty Madagascar with Car Rental & Safaris Africa. Its a tour operator that offers Safaris and car renting at an affordable price around Africa.

Madagascar is an island country that is found in East Africa in the southern part, it is the forth largest island country that is naturally beautiful because of the unique features that are found in there like the ecosystem, consisting of rain forest, canyons, semi deserts, and also the gorgeous sunny beaches plus the beautiful islands. Visiting Madagascar is one of the rare and unique experience you will hardly get any where of the beauty of the nature Madagascar has. Plan and book for your Madagascar Safari today for better preparations .

Madagascar is one of the beautiful island countries that is found in the southern part of East Africa. Madagascar present you all the vibrant Madagascar Safari packages that you will surely enjoy. Car Rental &Safari Africa offers the Madagascar Safari package at an affordable price. During the Madagascar Safari, you will experience an ecosystem consisting of many different living organisms like animals, plants and microbes in the same particular area

During your Madagascar Safari, you will visit Sainte Marie island  and Nosy Be for whale watching and diving. Further more you will also learn about the unique flora & fauna in areas of Ranomafana and montage d’ Ambre experiencing the Tsingy Bemeraha and Andasibe-Mantadia National Park  on a Madagascar Safari.

Since there very many un usual safari destinations you will have to go with an expert guide to take you through the adventure , the guide will have to tell you more about the information you would  like to know. Still after this i know you wouldn’t like to miss out. Kindly make your bookings with us today to make you preparations of your safari.

Catch-all Madagascar Safari itineraries

Eastern Madagascar Safari

13 Days of Eastern Madagascar Safari (13 Days/12 Nights )

Welcome to your 13 days of Madagascar Safari in the Eastern region of Madagascar. Your Safari will begin from the Andasibe National Park and you have to visit unique wildlife species you have never seen any were, these include the Eastern Woolly Lemur,  Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Diademed Sifaka, and more other ain’t they sounding unique? Would you still want to miss? NO!  come have a unique experience with us.. Further more, you will have day game drives. Kindly Book your safari today for your 13 days Eastern Madagascar safari

Rwanda and Madagascar Safari

12 Days of Rwanda & Madagascar Safari (10 Days/9 Nights)

As you will be on the 12 days Rwanda and Madagascar Safari, it will be a tour Safari from Rwanda to Madagascar. Rwanda has the best safari that includes the mighty Gorilla trekking were you will see different Gorilla and there  natural habitat, well you will also go on and see more wildlife species and visiting more of Safari destinations of Rwanda. After Rwanda, you will go a head to Madagascar and have an experience of watching different Lamour in Andasibe National park.

Well surely you shouldn’t miss out this Combo. Book your with us now  for your incredible 12 days

South Africa and Madagascar

13 Days of South Africa and Madagascar (13 Days/12 Nights)

The 13 days of South Africa and Madagascar will be a memorable experience as you will be visiting Cape Town in South Africa that consists of the beautiful landscapes, iconic mountain ranges, stunning natural wonders and many others, the after you go ahead to Sabi Game Reserve where you will see the Big five and other species. Finally the tour will end off at Madagascar were you watch unique species with unique name, you will of course get information from the expert guides that will  be moving with you. Make your reservations now for your massive 13 days Combo

Kenya and Madagascar Safari

13 Days Kenya and Madagascar (13 Days/12 Nights)

The 13 days of Kenya and Madagascar will give you a memorable and generous Safari experience as you will be visiting different safari destinations like the Masai Mara national park as you will be immersing and visiting  yourself in the Kenya’s wildlife, enjoying different activities like game driving, camping, birding and others. To add on that, you will also visit the unique Madagascar destination like the Adisabe National Park, experiencing the ecological beauty nature. Plan for the Safari Today for this amazing Combo

Southern Madagascar Safari

15 days of Southern Madagascar (15 days/ 14Nights)

15 days  of Southern Madagascar is an experience that will give you the adventure like no other. You will explorer various unique beautiful things, the unique ecosystems that are combined with different natural features like seeing water, plants, forest in the same area, the green savannah, all these will live you with an incredible experience. it will be a safari from  Tana to Adisabe National Park.  You will a great life time experience. Make your Reservations today for an effective preparation.

South Africa, Botswana and Madagascar

14 days Botswana, South Africa & Madagascar (14 Days/13 Nights)

This itinerary will surely give you the best experience of your life time, You shouldn’t miss out visiting the Cape town in South Africa, watching its ultimate landscapes that gives a unique scenery,  the famous Okavango Delta that covers most of the wildlife species big fives, experiencing the ecosystem as you will find different thing done in the same area and Finally to Madagascar were you will experience the unique animals like the Lemur in the Andasibe National Park. Well don’t think about missing out, Kindly make your bookings today with us for your 2 weeks preparation

Where to go for an Amazing Madagascar Safari

Antananarivo City (Madagascar Safari)

Antananarivo city is the largest capital city of Madagascar and it covers about 1,280m above the sea level in the center of the island, and the largest city among the islands. it’s one of the capital cities that caries a largest number of population since the 18th century. With in this city there very many ancient places that become attractive to tourists who go therefor safari programs.

The city consists of most of the major attractions which includes the royal palaces that have been there for a long time and  they still remain attractive, Andafiavaratra Palace, Tsimbazaza Zoo, Mahamasina Stadium, the tomb of Rainiharo the museum of art nad archeology, the four 19th century martyr Churches many others. So to get a solid information about this city you book a Safari with Car Rental and Safaris Africa for you best adventure.

Antananarivo City

 Andasibe- Mantadia National Park (Madagascar Safari)

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is one of the biggest national parks in Madagascar that are highly protected. The park is adducent to Antananarivo city in the East for about 150km and its one of the easiest parks that can be easily visited. This park was nommited in 2007 and it was considered one of the moslt visited and big national parks. In addition, it also become one the World heritage side of the rain forest of Atsinanana.

Further more, during the Safari you can choose to have a full day of trekking in this park as you will get in touch with the unique monkey-lemurs which include the femous indri-indri lemurs and more other unique species. The lush rainforest that consists of the exotic flora and fauna, that will live you with unforgettable memories. In brief the Andasibe National park is a vibrant park with vibrant places and species that has promoted the Madagascar’s tourism industry. Therefore you shouldn’t miss out to have a memorable safari with Car Rental and Safaris Africa.

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