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Best Zimbabwe Safari packages and Tours, enjoy your adventure

Best Zimbabwe Safari Packages and Tours, enjoy your adventure. Zimbabwe offers Zimbabwe safari packages that live you with great memories. All travelers need to have since it lives them with such great moments and unforgettable life  experience. At Car Rental and Safaris Africa we offer you all the incredible Zimbabwe Safari packages that are really exciting to visit all the famous Zimbabwe Safari destinations.

During Zimbabwe Safari trip, your minds can get more stimulated as watching  the uniqueness of all wild life species. it will be beautiful viewing the big five animals on a game drive using 4×4 Car Rental Zimbabwe. The lions move night and day to go for hunting, the sound of there voices makes you to feel the real jungle since it makes you fear. The sound of the steps of an elephant they make as there passing around your car makes you think it is coming to threaten you, anyway  just know its  always massive. Prepare a Zimbabwe Safari with us today

A number of safari destinations like the beautiful Victoria falls and the rocky Eastern islands plus the incredible landscapes of the country makes safari more interesting exciting and vibrant. We have got all the Zimbabwe Safari packages that can create beautiful and un forgettable experience while on a Zimbabwe Safari, Therefore  all these makes Zimbabwe to be a best safari destination for travelers mostly when you car hire to get a 4×4 car from Car rental Zimbabwe

Firstly, Mana Pools National park is one of the national parks that are remote and its located in the Northern part of Zimbabwe in the southern park of Zambezi river just below the Kariba dam. it mostly concentrates on keeping large herds of elephants, hippos and crocodiles .

Secondly, there is Hwange National park  is known to be the biggest national park in Zimbabwe that offers a number of viewing opportunities. its known for keeping large herds of elephants which are more interested in the waterholes during the dry seasons.  The park is also known for bird viewing and the best time is November to April as they migrate from Europe and northern Africa.

Catch-all Zimbabwe Safari packages

Rwanda & Zimbabwe Safari

Rwanda and Zimbabwe Safari packages 

12 days Victoria falls and Gorilla trekking (12days/11nights)

Welcome on your 12 days Gorilla trekking and Victoria falls safari, Rwanda and Zimbabwe respectively. Make your 12 days unforgettable and enjoyable as you will be experiencing the best and famous Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. it is one the most of the interesting  Gorilla trekking  packages are done from Rwanda and there always interesting. To add on this itinerary, Tourists will visit the famous Victoria Falls that is mostly surrounded in the Southern African countries and Zimbabwe its self. Don’t  allow to miss out on this itinerary because its full packaged. Prepare for your Safari today

Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari

Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari packages

10 days of Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park

These 10 days are always massive to the travelers that opt for.  While on this Safari you will experience the famous Okavango Delta that has got an amazing natural green savannah that can attract your sight. In addition, tourists  will experience the Famous Victoria Falls that has got a beautiful  sound of water that stimulates your body and  rejuvenates with its cool fresh natural waters that is extremely health for the body and mind. It includes  visiting Hwange National park the biggest national park in Zimbabwe that has different animals and the giant big fives. Therefore plan a Zimbabwe Safari with an expert.

Zimbabwe Safaris To Victoria falls

Zimbabwe Safari to Victoria Falls, Luxury trip

Victoria Falls is one of the safari destinations that is known by very many travelers, and many people enjoy it while on a Safari to Africa. Victoria Fall is also known to be “the smoke that thunders” it is visited by very many people or travelers who come to Africa. This luxury safari tour to Victoria falls is a must go trip for every tourists who travels to Africa because its one  of the recognizable interesting places in Africa. Victoria falls has interesting features that makes it an interesting place for example, it has got beautiful backgrounds that can be used for pictures and the flow of its beautiful waters. Move with us on your Safari journey

Delta, Kruger and Victoria falls

Delta, Kruger and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe Safari)

10 days and 9 Nights of the iconic safari destinations

Explorer the famous iconic safari destinations on one trip. A safari to these famous places will be interesting and amazing since these three safari destinations are known for having a good impact on there respective country. Firstly Kruger in South Africa has promoted wild life since its a national park were different animal species are kept. Secondly the Okavango Delta in Botswana known for hosting wildebeest were animals travel there to get some water from the delta. Lastly, the Victoria Falls that is amazing with its waters and beautiful small basins that supports the movement of water. Travel with an expert

Okavango delta, Victoria falls, chobe & Makgadikgdi

Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, Chobe and Makgadikgadi Pans (Zimbabwe Safari)

11 days to some of the seven natural wonders of Africa (11 days/10 nights)

All these iconic places of safari consists of different feature that make them unique they offer an incredible and amazing safari to traveler. Most of these places promote wild life like the Chobe that has got Chobe national park, Okavango delta were the animals move to during hot days since it has got a number of islands with water and natural grass. The  Makgadikagadi pan that consists of its beautiful pans, Boteti river and also supports wild life activities. Finally the beautiful Victoria Falls. Plan your Safari with us today

Botswana, South Africa, & Zimbabwe Safari

Botswana, South Africa & Zimbabwe Safari 

12 days of Okavango Delta, cape town and Victoria Falls (12 days/11 nights)

This itinerary will surely give you the best experience of your life time, You shouldn’t miss out visiting the Cape town in South Africa, watching its ultimate landscapes that gives a unique scenery,  the famous Okavango Delta that covers most of the wildlife species big fives, experiencing the ecosystem as you will find different thing done in the same area and Finally to Zimbabwe were you will experience the  animal species like the big five in the Hwange National Park and also an experience of the Victoria falls. Well don’t think about missing out, Kindly make your bookings today with us for your 12 days preparation

Where to go for an Amazing Zimbabwe Safari

Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe Safari)

Hwange National Park is the largest national park in Zimbabwe and it covers about 14600sq Km. it is found in the northwest of the country, and the largest national park among the others. it’s one of the national parks that caries a largest number of wildlife population and having the best habitat. With in this park there very many attractive natural environment that become attractive to tourists who go hence safari programs.

The park consists of most of the major attractions which includes the different wild life species like the big five that include Lions, elephants, leopard, Buffalo, and rhinos, plus others that include Zebras, Giraffes and others. But the park has large heard of elephants that are attracted to the parks waterholes. it also consist of different birds that also support bird watching activities. Further more, the park also consist of hotels for accommodation like the the hide Hwange National Park and other camp sites. Therefore it contributes a lot on Zimbabwe’s Safari activities

Hwange National Park

 Victoria  Falls (Zimbabwe Safari)

Victoria falls is a water fall on Zambezi river in Southern African countries. Victoria falls has got many different habitants for different species of plants and animals. It is known for being the largest water fall that has got a width of about 1,708m which is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. its known for being the greatest water fall that has got many different features that are geographical and active land form with outstanding beauty water falls

Further more, during the Safari  you will have a unique experience that can leave you rejuvenated and refreshed since it has got  good fresh water and fresh air. In addition the water fall also is part of river Zambezi and its located with in two national parks namely Mosi-Oa-Tunya national park and Victoria falls national park. This water fall can be easily seen in Zimbabwe side and Zambia side also considered one of the seven natural wonders. In addition in Zimbabwe at Victoria falls there is a part that is called  Victoria falls rainforest were it rain every single day.

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