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Cheaper Best 4×4 Car Rental Congo – Kinshasa from just $79/Day

Looking for an affordable and reliable 4×4 car rental in Congo – Kinshasa? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you. Car Rental & Safaris Ltd offers top-quality 4×4 car rental vehicles for Safari at unbeatable prices, starting from just $79 per day. Experience and cruise around the beautiful landscapes of Congo-Kinshasa with the comfort freedom of your own car. Whether you’re planning a thrilling safari adventure or a relaxing road trip, our 4×4 cars are equipped to handle any terrain and provide a smooth and enjoyable ride in the wild of Congo.

Our fleet of Cars consists of well-maintained 4×4 Safari vehicles that are regularly serviced to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We offer different cars, from roomy off-road vehicles to small SUVs and we make sure the car has your preferences. Our professional and friendly staff are available to assist you throughout the Rental and Booking process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Car Rental & Safaris also offers best Luxury 4×4 car rental & Safari in Kinshasa Congo travelling at your own pace, stopping wherever and whenever you please. Discover hidden gems, visit local attractions in Virunga National Park, Lola ya Bonbo Santary or the famous Mount Nyiragongo and create unforgettable memories as you navigate through this diverse and vibrant country.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to rent a top-quality 4×4 car in Congo – Kinshasa at an unbeatable price. Book now and start your adventure today!

Note :Prices could change depending on availability and the length of the rental.

4x4 Self drive Congo

4×4 Self Drive Safaris in DR Congo

Have you ever daydreamed of embarking on an adventure in the Dr Congo wilderness, with nothing but your own company and the freedom to explore without limitation? Look no further than our 4×4 Car Rental DR Congo self-drive safari, an immersive experience that allows you to witness the wonders of the DR Congo wildlife and savanna. You have the freedom to do things at your own will since you have no any set program or schedule to follow during your discovery or safari. Book with us now for a self drive safari in DR Congo

Car Rental Congo with  a Driver or Guide

At Car Rental Safaris, Rent a 4×4 car with a knowledgeable and experienced driver or guide from Car Rental Safaris for you to discover the beauty game parks, to know the local culture and the scenic areas of Democratic Republic of Congo. On a Congo Safari, experience and discover the unexplored species and the main attractions as traveling with comfort and in style. While adventuring around Congo, our drivers have extensive knowledge on the nation and there multilingual in English, Swahili, German, Spanish, and French. Our customized car rental DR Congo with a  driver or guide package offers the ideal answer for all your travel requirements, whether you’re looking to explore the enthralling wilderness of the Kibira National Park, Rusizi National park. Need a car Rental with a driver? Enquire Here

4x4 Car Rental Driver or guide Congo
Car rental camping Gears Congo

Car Rental DR Congo with Camping Gears

Discover DR Congo with a Camping Gears and embark on an matched trip in Congo. Explore the vast lands of DR Congo while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a rental car, complete with all the necessary camping gears to make your journey even more memorable. Our camping gears include; Folding foam mattress, sleeping bag with pillows and bed sheets, Chairs and small table, gas tank & burner, cups, plates & bowls, Coffee percolator, Pots, frying pans, cutlery set, knife, can opener, corkscrew, cutting board, Dishtowel, detergent, washing line & pegs, Solar table lamp. Get ready to immerse yourself in a truly unforgettable adventure. Book  & make your reservation now with our camping gears

Car Rental DR Congo with Pop-Up Rooftop

Car Rental DR Congo offers tour cars with Pop-up Rooftop to diverse DR Congo’s wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture. A 4×4 car rental with a Pop up- Rooftop DR Congo is the best deal approach to explore the the safari Destinations of Congo. The type of a Car with an adjustable roof is the pop-up rooftop automobile. Passengers can stand up and enjoy a clear view of their surroundings, including the scenery and wildlife, when the roof is raised. This is especially helpful when going on a safari because it makes the experience more immersive, enjoyable and improves the chances of seeing wildlife.. Book Now

4x4 Car rental Popup Rooftop

Long Term & Short Term Car Rental DR Congo

If you’re planning a long-term Safari to DR Congo, a DR Congo car rental safari is an excellent way to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and rich wildlife. With a long-term car rental safari, you can take your time and get to know the people, culture, and natural beauty of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Book with us for the best discounts on our 4×4 Land Cruisers and mini Buses and travel DR Congo for 30 Days, 90 Days or even 365 Days. Enquire Now!

What you must know before your DR Congo Car Rental Safari?

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Why You Must take a Safari Vacation in DR Congo?

The Burundi Experience
  • Amazing Game Viewing: View the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo) and additional wildlife found only in Africa.
  • Walking safaris, hot-air balloon safaris, and cultural exchanges with the locals all qualify as rewarding experiences.
    The Luxury of Time: Take advantage of being disconnected from the outside world in some of Africa’s most remote regions.
  • Enjoy Your Senses; sip sunset drinks while giraffes amble over the rosy horizon and indulge in fine African cuisine.
  • The finest itineraries incorporate Africa’s major destinations, according to Beyond the Wild.
  • Traveling with a Purpose: Every African safari contributes to deserving conservation and community development projects.

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Interesting Places in DR Congo

We have narrowed it down for you Browse through. In Here we present the Best of DR Congo Safaris Africa, the best DR Congo safari accommodations and the Best DR Congo safari Africa destinations.


Rusizi National Park

Rusizi National Park is a protected area located in southwestern Burundi, along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda. It covers an area of about 110 km² and was established in 1980 to protect the wildlife and habitat of the Rusizi River. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including hippopotamuses, crocodiles, antelopes, monkeys, and several species of birds. It is also an important breeding ground for Nile crocodiles and is known for its large population of hippos.


Ruvubu National Park

A national park called Ruvubu National Park is situated in Burundi, an African country, in the northeast. It was founded in 1980 and stretches across around 508 square kilometers. The Ruvubu River, which flows through the park, is the source of its name. Elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, and other kinds of antelopes may all be found at Ruvubu National Park. With more than 400 kinds of birds documented in the park, including the shoebill stork, it is also a birdwatcher’s paradise.


Another place in Burundi where a remarkable variety of flora and animals may be found is a popular tourist destination.
Over 8,000 hectares of shrubland, woodland, and grassland make up the reserve’s total land area. Another location that birdwatchers will appreciate is the lake. Too many unusual and beautiful birds frequent this lake to list them all.
Despite preservation efforts, agriculture and falling water levels are having an influence on the reserve.


The Kibira National Park

A wonderful setting between 1,500m and 2,600m in elevation is where the Kibira National Park is located. The park, which is primarily made up of ancient rainforest, was originally a holy hunting place for the nation’s past monarchs. Baboons, chimpanzees, and more than 200 different bird species are supported by the forest and the rivers and streams that run through it.

Car Rental Locations in DR Congo

  • Bujumbura
  • Kayaza
  • Kirundo
  • Muyinga
  • Ngozi

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Is DR Congo Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Is DR Congo safe for solo female traveler? If this question still lingers in your head, our complete guide will offer you a comprehensive look of self-drive safaris for solo female travelers to DR Congo. When traveling in Africa as a solo female traveler, it is really important to know how to stay safe. If you are a solo female traveler, you may take extra precautions when traveling in DR Congo, although unwanted attention is more common than actual assault.

What are the Visa requirements for DR Congo?

DR Congo like any other country issues out visas to its visitors and nationals. Travelers are required to obtain an electronic visa prior to arrival in DR Congo. No more visas are issued on arrival in Dr Congo, nor in DR Congo representations. This e-Visa allows entry into the country once for a tourist or business stay or up to 90 days or transit for up to 72 hours. All nationalities are eligible, except 43 who are visa exempt. The average time to obtain an e-Visa is 3 days. Children under 16 years of age are exempt from applying and will only need to present their identity papers.

Flag of Zanzibar
Rusizi National Park

Can you Self Drive Rusizi National Park?

Explore Rusizi National Park at your own pace with a self-drive adventure. Drive through the park and experience the beauty of its wildlife and landscapes on your own terms. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of creating your own itinerary and taking your time to fully appreciate all that the park has to offer.


Is DR Congo Dangerous for Tourists

Generally DR Congo is a safe country for tourist however like all other countries; it has its share of crime that can be easily avoided. A safari to Africa without a visit to DR Congo isn’t a safari. The astonishing beauty of the country can be witnessed on safaris. It’s the lone acacia silhouetted on the savanna against a horizon stretching into eternity. It’s the snow-capped mountain almost on the equator and within sight of harsh deserts. It’s the lush, palm-fringed coastline of the Indian Ocean, it’s the Great Rift Valley that once threatened to tear the continent asunder, and it’s the dense forests reminiscent of the continent’s heart.

Is Burundi dangerous for tourists

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