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Zambia Safaris, lets explore Zambia with the best tour packages

Zambia Safaris, lets explore Zambia with the best tour packages, Firstly Zambia is a land locked in Southern Africa country with few people and its capital city is Lusaka  with large rugged  terrain and diverse  wildlife. it consists of many various parks that promote Zambia Safaris, lets explore Zambia with the best tour packages wild life activities that include game driving, camping activities and others.

Zambia’s Safari packages  are really exciting because it  has got vibrant safari  destinations like Victoria Falls . It covers almost the Southern country parts, and its mostly visited by very many travelers. Plan your Safari with an expert for effective preparations.

Zambia is a beautiful country with amazing safari destinations that you will need to visit and discover. Zambia is a country that contains a number of vibrant safari destinations that include natural National park that are covered by different types of wildlife  species but mostly it has got abundant crocodiles, hippos and elephants in  large numbers. As Car Rental and Safaris Africa we provide the best Safari itineraries that will allow you to immerse your self in the beauty of Zambia and it will surely live you with life time memories, as you will  car hire our own 4×4 Car Rental Zambia.

In addition, lets get into the deep Zambia safari places that you shouldn’t miss while on a Zambia Safari. Firstly Zambia contains a part of Victoria Falls since Victoria Falls covers most of the southern Countries. It contains the flow of water that lives your minds refreshed. Secondly, it contains south Luangwa National Park, Kafue National park and many others, they have got a beautiful natural vegetation also different wild life species that are incredibly charming. These national park supports very many active activities that can make the body active, activities like park walks, game driving, camping activities  and many others. Make your reservations with  a well informed guide from Car Rental and safaris Africa.

Catch all the itineraries Zambia Safaris

South Africa,Zimbabwe & Zambia Safaris

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia Safaris 

15 days safari Combo 

These 15 days of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia Safaris. This itinerary surely is going to be a vibrant Safari Tour as you will be visiting the 3 southern countries that got interesting safari destinations. You shouldn’t miss out such an incredible Safari adventure. Firstly, South Africa has cape town that consists of various beautiful landscapes and rotating roads, secondly, Zimbabwe has got a number of national parks that has got many wildlife species, finally to the beautiful Zambia, you will visit various places like the Kafue National park were you will find many other animal. Finally, to Victoria falls which almost has a part in the three Southern African countries . Make plans with an expert.

South Africa and Zambia Safaris

 South Africa & Zambia Safari Tour

10 days of South Africa and Zambia (10days/9 nights)

The 10 days of South Africa and Zambia Safari Tour consists of visiting Cape town, Kruger national Park, socializing with the local people, knowing there culture and many others in South Africa. Further more, you will head to Zambia  were you will visit the  many of the national parks that consist of a number of animal species, the largest landscapes that make the country unique, to mention but a fell. Well Zambia is surely a home of most incredible natural sights . There fore you shouldn’t miss out to a memorable adventure.   Well surely you shouldn’t miss out this Combo. Book your Safari with us now  for your incredible 10 days

Zimbabwe and Zambia Safaris

 Zimbabwe and Zambia Safari Tour 

13 days of  Zambezi National park, Victoria falls, & Hwange National Falls

These 13 days are always massive to the travelers that opt for.  While on this Safari you will experience interesting Zimbabwe and  Zambia Safari destinations like the large lakes and miombo woodlands plus the vast wildlife species lower Zambezi national park that has got a amazing natural green savannah. In addition, you  will experience the Famous Victoria Falls that has got a beautiful  sound of water that stimulates your body and  rejuvenates with its cool fresh natural waters that is extremely health for the body and mind. Further more, you will visit Hwange National park the biggest national park in Zimbabwe that has different animals and the giant big fives. Therefore plan a Zambia Safari with an expert.

Where to go for an Amazing Zambia Safaris

Kafue National Park (Zambia Safari Tours)

Kafue National Park is the largest national park Zambia that covers about 22,400 km that keeps different wildlife species and also 515 bird species, fish and amphibious species and one of the largest national parks in Africa. Kafue  national park is known for its unique and beautiful landscapes and a  variety of  wildlife species , it keeps a number of animal species and also have  its natural habitats, for example, lions, elephants rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, zebras, hyenas  and many more.

This park is one of the biggest national park that are mostly visited by travelers in Africa. The national park keeps very many number of wildlife  species that mostly include the big five and also keeps different bird species that promote bird watching. Other than this, the park supports different  activities like night and day driving, camp fires, and many more. It offers luxury lodges that are comfortable for your safari stay make a reservation with Car Rental and Safari Africa 

Kafue National park

 Victoria  Falls (Zambia Safari)

Victoria falls is a water fall on Zambezi river in Southern African countries. Victoria falls has got many different habitants for different species of plants and animals. its known for being the greatest water fall that has got many different features that are geographical and active land form with outstanding beauty water falls  It is known for being the largest water fall that has got a width of about 1,708m which is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In addition, during the Safari  you will have a unique experience that can leave you rejuvenated and refreshed since it has got  good fresh water and fresh air. In addition the water fall also is part of river Zambezi and its located with in two national parks namely  Victoria falls national park. and Mosi-Oa-Tunya national park. This water fall can be easily seen in Zimbabwe side and Zambia side also considered one of the seven natural wonders. In addition the water fall supports more activities like water rafting, picnics and many other therefore come and meditate on the showers of the natural wonders    Car Rental and Safaris Africa to extremely explorer Victoria Falls.

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