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Best Botswana Safari Trips, All Inclusive Packages & an Expert Guide

Best Botswana Safari trips, all inclusive package and expert guide, Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. its a beautiful country with numerous Botswana Safari packages that area interesting. Therefore we at Car Rental & Safaris Africa we present you different interest packages you shouldn’t miss out to discover the beauty of Botswana. That will live your minds refreshed and with unforgettable adventure memories.

In addition, Botswana has its famous landscapes that include  Kalahari Desert and the Okavango delta, these delta are mostly visited by many tourist who surely enjoy the beauty and the nature of the landscapes.  these deltas happen to be the habitats for animals during the seasonal floods therefore they are wildlife destinations that you shouldn’t miss while on a Botswana Safari. Make your  bookings with us today to book your safari days in Botswana

Botswana is one of the countries that is vibrant during Safaris activities. It is a country that is comprised with a number of beauty spots for safaris . Therefore Car Rental & Safaris presents you Botswana Safari Packages that will attract you, on a Botswana Safari expect to the incredible Okavango delta, the Kalahari delta and the Makgadikgade pans. So Botswana has a few Safari Destination but with interesting feature that will make your Botswana safari more enjoyable. You will also have expert guides to take you through Botswana as he will be giving you the information you want. Botswana host one of the best wildlife trips  and you can watch them better in the Okavango delta were you can find the big five giants (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Buffalo). Come have a great Botswana Safari experience with us.  Plan with us today

Catch-all Botswana Safari itineraries

8 days Botswana Safari

8 days of Botswana Safari (8 days But 7 nights )

These 8 days of Botswana Safari will give you a generous experience as you will be visiting places like the Okavango, Moremi and Savuti. Choose a week and 1 day on your schedule and make it adventurous with our 8 days of Botswana as you will be discovering the hidden facts of the Moremi, Okavango Delta, Savuti. On this  Safari you will have an expert guide to take you through, it will surely turn your week into the best week. Make your reservations today you schedule your 8 days with us.

Chobe National park & Okavango Delta

10 days of Okavango Delta & Chobe National Park Safari (10 days/ 9 Nights)

While on this 10 days of your Botswana Safari trip, you will experience the elegance and have a generous Safari at the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. You will have a full packaged of wildlife species on these two Safari destinations. You will see the big five African wild animals that include Lions, Buffalo, leopards, Rhinos and elephants. On this Safari, you will also have Bush walks, night and day game drives, fire camps and more around Chobe National game reserves. So still do you  want to miss out! NO!!. Therefore make your bookings  today to have an incredible experience

Rwanda, Mozambique, & Botswana

Botswana, Rwanda and Mozambique 

18 days Safari/ 17 Nights

The 18 days  of Botswana, Rwanda, and Mozambique safari will be a great experience as it will be more of flying from may be Rwanda, Mozambique and Botswana. it will be comprised of gorilla trekking game driving, island adventure and mountain Gorilla.  It will be an ultimate flying safari, OK! so therefore get ready for the incredible experience on this Safari. Rwanda for Gorilla experience, Botswana and Mozambique  for a great and known wildlife experience. Book now for this Safari.

9 days of Botswana

9 days Botswana Safari ( 9days /8 nights)

These 9 days of Botswana Safari will give you a generous experience as you will be visiting places like the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Choose a week and 2 days on your schedule and make it adventurous with our 9 days of Botswana as you will be discovering the hidden facts of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park if you go further you will also see the beautiful landscapes . On this  Safari you will have an expert guide to take you through, it will surely turn your week into the best week. Make your reservations today you schedule your 8 days with us.

10 day Victoria Falls, Kruger & Okavango

10 days of Victoria falls, Kruger and Okavango Delta (10 days/ 9 Nights)

This itinerary combines the famous and iconic safari destinations that include Victoria falls, Kruger and the Okavango delta. These are the most influential Botswana Safari destination that every tourist like so much to visit because they give a generous Safari experience. You shouldn’t miss the flow of water at Victoria falls, and see wildlife species at Kruger and the delta. Come and have a memorable  adventure as you will be discovering the iconic Botswana safari Destinations in one combined tour. Kindly make your books today, you reserve your days and for us to prepare for you effectively.

8 days Zimbabwe & Botswana Safari

8 days of Botswana and Zimbabwe ( 8 days/7 nights)

Embark on this safari itinerary as you will be visiting the beautiful landscape from Zimbabwe to Botswana. It will surely be a great experience  of seeing the most famous  iconic  traverse features of Africa for instance  Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and others. These are mostly visited by very many tourist who come in Africa because of there un exceptional beauty of there feature. Well therefore,  give it a thought and prepare a Botswana Safari with us  Plan your Safari today for effective preparations.

Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Botswana

13 days of  Mauritius ,Victoria falls and Botswana Safari

(13 days/ 12 Nights )

Reserve some time to come and experience Botswana waters of Chobe National park, the water falls of Victoria falls, and the astonishing beaches of Mauritius. This itinerary of cause is gong to unwind the stress you might be having since watching the water falls of Victoria falls will clear off your stressed mind, enjoying of the Chobe waters will naturally live you with an incredible experience, and the beautiful beaches in Mauritius will offer you a clear ground and fresh waters to Swim. Therefore come have your Unforgettable Safari with us .Kindly  Make your Bookings Today for your preparations

zimbabwe, Boswana, & South Africa

12 days of Zimbabwe, South Africa & Botswana Safari Itinerary 

This is a detailed itinerary Combines South Africa from Cape town to Zimbabwe Kruger crosses to Victoria Falls and then finally to Botswana Okavango delta. This safari Itinerary will permit you to experience the best of Kruger, Victoria falls and then to Okavango delta of Botswana.

Travelers will get an awesome time, without and followed program, they will be moving as there taking some pictures at there stop overs. With a driver guide still you the tourist has got the audacity of telling the guide what they prefer as there traveling. Book your 12 days now for an Incredible exploration.

Why you should go for a Botswana Safari

Chobe National Park (Botswana Safari)

For a Brief intro about Chobe National Park, This national Park is found in the Northern part of Botswana just across the Okavango delta. Chobe national Park is known for keeping large herds of elephant and cape Buffalos. There even other wildlife species like the lions, antelopes, hippos and other, These animals inhabit in the woods around Chobe National Park.

Further more, the gate way to Chobe National Park is a small gate that is found in certain small town called Kasane, this town borders Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. As small as it is, it has the most luxury Hotels, camping sites and lodge accommodation. Being one of the most good National Parks, Besides, it also host boat cruise and game driving that happen along the river and even it has pure green grass lands that offers an excellent photographic experience. Therefore you shouldn’t miss out

Chobe national Park

 Okavango Delta (Botswana Safari)

A brief  intro on Okavango Delta is one the largest delta in Botswana that are mostly visited by tourist and travelers, its  located in the Southern part of Botswana. This delta attracts many tourists to continue coming again and again of  the Unique wildlife species further more it allows activities like boat cruise which people do enjoy a lot. in addition, the Okavango is produced by the flooding when the river drains the summer from January – February), actually this is the time when wild life species move to the delta.

Further more, the delta covers the Moremi game reserve that is located in the southern Part of the delta and it was therefore it is also named one of  the seven natural  wonders of Africa and this is one of the core reason why its always visited by many tourist who go for Botswana safaris

Botswana Safaris

The Okavango Delta is one of the famous tourism destinations in Africa and Botswana that make tourism more interesting and a unique experience since it is big and also covers some of the tourism destinations for example the Moremi National Park. This delta promotes wildlife in Botswana because it keeps a number of wildlife species for instance the big five ( Lions, elephants, leopard, rhinos and Buffaloes).  Further more, it also has other tourism destinations like Kalahari delta, and many more. OHH, It also supports hurting and photography. Therefore a safari in Botswana is one thing you shouldn’t miss!

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