Sustainable Tourism on an African Safari

Sustainable Tourism on an African Safari with a Genuine African Safari Company (Car Rental Safaris) that promotes Sustainable Tourism.

Safari to Africa with Car Rental Safaris is like no other!! The beautiful continent is a dream destination for many travelers all over the world. Its diverse attractions have seen been to a greater extent the main contributors to its increasing numbers of visitors year by year. The continent is a host to massive numbers of tourists, it implies massive effects on the host communities thus necessitating Sustainable Tourism to mitigate the negative impacts.

Sustainable Tourism on an African Safari

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Are you wondering what we could be meant by sustainable tourism? – According to Car Rental Safaris, we define sustainable tourism as Tourism that promotes the exploitation of tourism products in the present without compromising the future generation from exploiting the same Product.

Car Rental Safaris & Tours has since put great emphasis on promoting Sustainable Tourism with two major goals to be achieved and the end of this grand course.

  1. To Minimize Environmental Impact
  2. To Promote Africa’s Culture

With the above goals, Car Rental Safaris have worked closely with communities, different organizations in different countries, partnering to promote Sustainable Tourism.

How Car Rental Safaris has worked to Minimize the Environmental Impact

Car Rental Safaris have seen the host environment as core in promoting sustainable tourism. How we have managed to promote Sustainable Tourism Firstly, we work primarily with eco-rated and classified properties across East Africa and Africa at large. We promote sustainable tourism by offering tours and excursions that directly benefit local communities. Our guides also take part in local tree planting sessions that have seen progress in replacing the cut trees in several communities.

We also on a very real and human level work with our safari guests to embed sustainable tourism practices for the environment. We collect all of your trash each day and wherever there are facilities available, we ensure it is recycled or repurposed. Wow-what a way to contribute to a clean environment!!!!

How Car Rental Safaris has promoted African culture

In recent years, our cultural tours have been so fruitful with us and our clients being able to empower local communities, improving their livelihood by supporting their association, purchasing their products such as crafts, and also advocating for girl child education. This has been remarkable with a significant impact on local people’s lives.

Get involved with Sustainable Tourism Practices on your African Safari

Want to get involved with conservation? We host conservation-based safaris. These experiences allow you to contribute to the protection of black and white rhinos, elephants, and even mountain gorillas!

Deforestation is a problem in the world, and East Africa is no exception. There have been huge losses of forest cover over the last couple of decades all over the continent.

Car Rental Safaris support tree–planting initiatives in various countries in which it operates, giving a big push to the recovery of the lost vegetation cover in Africa, which contributes to the restoration of the degraded environment.

How to Make a Difference on Your African Safari

Are you interested in making a difference on your visit to Africa, you’re in the right place.

Have an impact on top of your incredible safari full of sightseeing, awful and fascinating enjoyed in the most comfortable accommodations in Africa. Car Rental Safaris have an incredible team of staff that has also embraced the grand goal of having sustainable tourism within their areas of operation.

You too can make a difference on your visit by participating in several activities which are beneficial to the local communities such as community tree-planting, raising funds for community development projects such as building schools, community cleaning activities, and a lot more activities.

What is Sustainable Tourism and why is it Important?

Are you wondering what sustainable tourism could be? According to us, we define sustainable tourism as Tourism that promotes the exploitation of tourism products in the present without compromising the future generation from exploiting the same Product. The aim of sustainable tourism is to increase the benefits and to reduce the negative impacts caused by tourism for destinations. This can be achieved by: Protecting natural environments, wildlife, and natural resources when developing and managing tourism activities.

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